Appellate Law

Our appellate attorneys are experienced in a range of appellate work, including consulting with clients and attorneys on the risks and benefits of appealing and post-judgment motion practice to correct or perfect the record and preserve issues for appeal.  We have successfully appealed decisions in the state and federal courts in family law cases and civil cases, including insurance, real estate, and other areas.  Our attorneys have also been retained to write amicus curiae briefs on a variety of topics, including no-fault insurance, physician-patient privilege, and physician liability.

Services include:

  • Amicus Curiae Research, Drafting, and Editing
  • Appellate Motion Practice
  • Civil Appeals
  • Counseling and Editing
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Federal Appeals
  • Motion Practice and Guidance for Stays and Bonds
  • Motions for Reconsideration
  • Oral Argument
  • Post-Judgment Motion Practice
  • Post-Judgment Relief
  • Pre-Appeal Consultation and Assessment
  • State Appeals